Teaching yoga?

Teaching yoga really is not just about leading a group of people doing some yogic cleansing practice, breathing exercises, concentration exercises, chantings, meditation practice, yoga exercises and yoga poses, and teach about the essence of the teachings of yoga. But all these actions are being performed without the egoism, identification, attachment, personal likes and dislikes, and with great compassion coming from realization of unconditional love from within.

As there are many people interested in learning and practicing yoga from all over the world, but not many are interested in letting go of the ego and worldly attachment. Many people who are interested in joining yoga classes are only interested in attaining some sort of pleasurable sensations and good feelings to satisfy the craving and aversion of the ego.

There’s nothing wrong with people only interested in performing the yoga practice to attain physical health and fitness, and good feelings, to enjoy a better quality of life. But there will be strong resistance towards the unpleasant purification process and the process of depriving the ego, when come to serious yoga and meditation practice.

Even some who came with great expectation hoping yoga and meditation will ‘get rid of’ or ‘solve’ all their personal ‘problems’, are reluctant to go beyond the ego, the body and the mind, to remove the root cause of all ‘problems’. As this resistance is coming from the ego itself. They expect just by doing the yoga practice an hour a day for a few times a week, can take away all their ‘problems’. But after many years attended daily yoga (asana) classes regularly, they are still troubled by ‘life problems’, ‘financial problems’, ‘relationship problems’, ‘unhappiness’, ‘disappointment’, ‘dissatisfaction’, ‘fear’, ‘worry’, ‘anger’, ‘hatred’, ‘pride and arrogance’, ‘doubts’ and etc…

To allow everyone to take their time to work on eliminating the ego, by their own freewill, without judgment, criticism, comparison and expectation, but at the same time, has to be firmed on propagating the essential teachings of yoga, without swaying away from the fundamental teachings of yoga, will allow the yoga teachers to realize unconditional love, compassion and wisdom.

There’s no attachment towards success and failure, praise and criticism in the action of ‘teaching yoga’. There’s no looking forward for some sort of satisfactory, achievement, good feelings, acknowledgment, praise and compliments, self-confidence, self-image, and so on, that are actually empowering the egoism, instead of eliminating the egoism.

Om shanti.

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