A story of egoism, possessiveness, pride, authority, sacredness, language…

Language is originally existing as a convenient tool for communication. We should have just leave it as simple as that. But our ego is always greedy for authority. It takes up a particular language that it hears, learns it, speaks it, becomes familiar with it and calls it “my language”, and takes pride in that language. And then the ego has this idea and belief that no one should insult “my language” as “my language” is something sacred, and it’s only entitled for sacred people like me to speak it. “My language” cannot be polluted or contaminated by some other languages that are not as sacred as “my language”.The ego identifies with this language as who “I” am. If anyone insults “my language” is insulting “I”. And thus “I” get very upset and angry if anyone tries to insult or pollute “my language”. Those who are not sacred beings like me, they cannot speak in “my language” as this will be polluting “my language”…

And then this ego has this idea that other languages are not as sacred as “my language”. “My language” is the one and only sacred language in the world. “I” should only speak “my language” and no other languages, as by speaking those languages will contaminate my sacredness…

In the end, the ego believes itself is the most sacred being in the world and allows no one but itself to speak this language. The ego also doesn’t want to speak other languages that it believes as not sacred. And thus verbal communication comes to an end for this proud ego with other people. This language has lost its simple purpose to serve as a convenient tool for communication.

In the beginning, nothing belongs to anyone. Everything exists for the convenience of everyone to be existing in this form, until the moment we start to take possession of any names and forms that we experience in this life existence and possess it as ours, such like “my body”, “my mind”, “my thinking”, “my feelings”, “my ideas”, “my creations”, “my achievements”, “my belongings”, “my family”, “my parents”, “my children”, “my friends”, “my partner”, “my lover”, “my pets”, “my country”, “my health”, “my strength”, “my religion”, “my culture”, “my race”, “my language”, “my pride”, “my contribution”, “my Guru”, “my school”, “my yoga”, “my teachers”, “my students”, or anything that we think it’s coming from “I” and it’s “mine”, we create inconvenience, restlessness, afflictions, unhappiness, disharmony, anger, hatred, fear and worry for ourselves and others.

End of story.

Om shanti.

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