Truth is always there as it is, whether we are aware of it or know about it or not, whether we like and agree with the truth or not, whether we believe in the truth or not. It never increase nor decrease, it never change.

The truth is not necessary something that we like or can agree with. Whether we like it or not, can agree with it or not, it is still the truth and won’t change into something else.

The truth is not a belief. A belief will be influenced by time, space and causation. But the truth will never change, uninfluenced by time, space and causation. And hence it means nothing when we say “I believe in the Truth.”

Even when we want to believe in something that we believe is the truth, this believing in “something” itself is what binds us. We are not free.

If we know the truth, we don’t have to believe in it, but we will live in the truth even though the truth, or by knowing the truth won’t give us what the ego desires, or what it wants. But by knowing the truth will free us from suffering or unhappiness that derived from ignorance and egoism.

The Truth doesn’t need anyone to acknowledge it or believe in it, nor does the Truth need to justify itself. It is still the Truth as it is.

If we think we know something about “the truth” by knowing lots of knowledge or scientific facts about this and that, but then we are still influenced very much by ignorance and egoism, and be disturbed, affected, influenced and determined by impurities like anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, dissatisfaction, disappointment, feelings of hurts, pride, arrogance, fear, worry, craving and aversion, then that “truth” is not really the truth that we are searching for through yoga and meditation practice to transcend suffering.

Liberation is not coming from anybody or teachers telling us about the truth, it’s not coming from books talking about the truth, but it’s coming from self-realization of the truth from within ourselves.

And hence, it’s pointless to ask somebody “What is the truth?” But ask ourselves and find the answer from within.

One simple universal truth that everything is subject to impermanence and non-self (there is no “I” existing) that some people might hear or read from somebody and somewhere at some time, but it doesn’t liberate us not until we realize it from our own realization.

Om shanti.


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