The student said to the teacher, “For me, yoga is a fitness exercise. It is a business deal. I pay the money and I expect the customer service that I want. I don’t want the real yoga like the one they do in the Ashrams in India. I don’t agree with the teachings of yoga. I am a Christian.”

The teacher replied, “Be happy. There’s nothing wrong if anyone disagrees with the teachings and the practice of yoga, and don’t want to practice yoga. Even if you have given some money or something to the teacher, the teacher cannot teach you anything, because you don’t allow and don’t want the teacher to teach yoga, as you don’t want to learn and practice yoga. There are other people who come here to learn and practice yoga. The yoga classes here is about yoga. You don’t have to attend this yoga class, if this is not the “yoga” that you want. You can take your money back and leave the yoga class now, if you wish.”

Om shanti.


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