Feel intimidated or frustrated by some of the yoga asana exercises?

Due to some physical limitations, or injuries, or weakness, or stiffness, or diseases, some people might be limited from performing some of the yoga asanas.

It’s totally okay if someone cannot perform some or all of the yoga asanas. It doesn’t limit anyone to realize selflessness to be free from ignorance and egoism, and realize unconditional love and peace.

As selflessness, peace and compassion is not determined by how many yoga poses one can perform, nor how ‘good’ can one execute the yoga poses.

Everyone and anyone also can practice yoga and be free, but it is an undeniable fact that not all the yoga asana exercises are suitable for everyone, nor anybody should be performing all the yoga asanas disregards their physical limitations.

Yoga is not at all to push the body to go beyond its limitations, nor to make it stronger or more flexible, but it is to go beyond all the identifications with impermanent qualities of names and forms, and realize attributelessness, namelessness and formlessness.

One should be more calm and relaxed by performing the yoga asana exercises instead of feeling intimidated or frustrated by some of the yoga asana exercises that one couldn’t perform due to some physical limitations.

Om shanti.

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