Go beyond the idea of ‘I’…

There’s no ‘I’ exist in all the names and forms of what ‘I’ think ‘I’ am, to be evil or kind, bad or good, unhappy or happy, compassionate-less or compassionate, ignorant or wise, weak or strong, lack of confidence or confident, fearful or fearless, disgraceful or graceful, suffering or liberated from suffering, limited or infinite, incomplete or whole, empty or full, imperfect or perfect, impure or pure, existence or non-existence, birth or death…

Whenever there’s an identification of ‘This’ is ‘I’, or ‘I’ am ‘That’, even ‘This’ and ‘That’ is also within the limitation of mind perception of qualities of names and forms.

Go beyond the mind perception of names and forms, realize attributelessness, namelessness and formlessness, and hence ‘I’-lessness.

Under the influence of ignorance, the mind perceives suffering and desires to be liberated from suffering. There are different paths exist to be liberated from ignorance which leads to the realization of ‘I’-lessness.

Upon realization of ‘I’-lessness, there’s neither suffering nor liberation from suffering.

If ‘I’ cannot go beyond the idea of ‘I’, and thinking and believing that ‘I’ exist as an individual being with certain qualities of names and forms, which is separated and distinguished from everyone else, either ‘I’ am better or worst than all the others that is not ‘I’ and is separated and different from ‘I’, and ‘I’ am the doer of actions and the enjoyer of the fruit of the actions, ‘I’ am either enjoying or suffering, then there’s nothing wrong with that either.

If possible, if we like, we can perform this practice. Pause for a few moments. Allow this body and mind to be what they are in this very moment, drop off any cares and worries, duties and responsibilities, drop off the idea of ‘I’. The world is fine without us thinking about it for a few moments. Just be in the present. Without judgment nor expectation towards the mind or how it should be. Just be with silence for a few moments. And if possible, when we pick up our duties and responsibilities again, let the cares and worries stay where they are, and leave the ‘I’ behind.

Om shanti.


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