We might relate it as there’s nobody talking or making noises, or it’s about being speechless, movement-less, or action-less.

We might understood it as soundless, quietness and calmness of the environment.

Actually, it is silence of the mind.

The mind is silent, the thought-waves are rendered still and calm, being unmoved, undisturbed and unaffected by all the perceptions of names and forms, under any circumstances, even if the surrounding environment is noisy, chaotic, full of all sorts of sounds and actions.

The mind is free from egoism, attachment, identification, judgment, comparison, intention, expectation, impurities, craving, aversion, fear, worry, anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, dissatisfaction, disappointment, hurts, guilt, imagination, assumption, good and bad, positive and negative, elevation and depression, and so on.

In Bhakti Yoga, there are lots of chanting, prayers, Bhajan, Kirtan, listening to the stories of the Scriptures, where all these ‘sounds’ and ‘melodies’ will lead one’s mind into silence, stillness, calmness, peace…

Are we still looking for a yoga class that is completely silent where the teacher doesn’t say anything, or are we looking for a place or environment that is completely soundless to practice yoga and meditation as there are such sayings about “Meditation is based on silence…” or “Yoga class is build upon silence…”?

Om shanti.


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