Pride and arrogance is a great obstacle for self-realization

Pride and arrogance is part of the plays of the egoism. The ego takes prides in certain qualities that it possessed and what it can achieve whether it is worldly achievement or spiritual achievement. Arrogance co-exist with pride as the ego thinks and believes that by having the qualities and achievements that it has, it is somehow more superior, greater and better than others.

This is like the ‘header’ wind that is pulling the aspirants further away from self-realization. It’s like the aspirant is looking at the destination (self-realization) with a binocular (pride and arrogance about certain good qualities and spiritual achievement), thinking it is already very close to the destination, but actually it is still a very long long way to go and require greater effort, especially with the wind pulling it back from moving forward towards the destination.

Pride and arrogance will dissolve naturally when the mind is able to let go of worldly and spiritual identifications and letting go of attachment towards qualities of names and forms to be existing, to be somebody, to be acknowledged, to gain liking, support and approval, or to attract attention.

The termination of pride and arrogance is the dawn of right conduct, right view and correct understanding. This is like the ‘lift’ wind that helps to push the aspirants closer towards self-realization with less effort.

Om shanti.

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