Negate what is not ‘I’ is the basic yoga practice to realize Selflessness

Yoga and meditation practice is for one to realize the truth of Selflessness through self-inquiry under a calm and pure mind.

Suffering doesn’t exist upon the realization of Selflessness. Liberation from suffering doesn’t mean that making all the ‘bad’, ‘negative’, ‘wrong’, ‘unhappy’ names and forms to be disappearing from the perception of worldly life existence, and only ‘good’, ‘positive’, ‘right’ or ‘happy’ names and forms exist in this life existence.

Based on the yoga teachings of Selflessness, one keeps negating what is not ‘I’ until one realizes Selflessness.

‘I’ am not this. ‘I’ am not that. None of this or that is ‘I’.

Everything is merely impermanent objects of names and forms under the mind perception through the senses.

Be free from all kinds of worldly identifications with different qualities of names and forms, whether it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, ‘kind’ or ‘unkind’, ‘whole’ or ‘incomplete’, ‘infinite’ or ‘finite’, ‘spiritual’ or ‘non-spiritual’, ‘beings’ or ‘non-beings’, and so on.

There’s no freedom, as long as there’s attachment towards certain qualities of names and forms to be identifying as ‘I’, even if one thinks and believes that ‘I’ am all perfect, good, positive, kind, whole, infinite, spiritual beings.

Om shanti.


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