It’s just the thinking or thought process

The idea of the existence of ‘I’, and everything that ‘I’ think ‘I’ know, or perceive, or experience, or feel, whether ‘I’ think ‘I’ enjoy or suffer, or ‘I’ am good or bad, is just the thinking or thought process. Countless births and deaths of different forms take place ceaselessly along the thought process. At one moment ‘I’ am a calm and happy being, and at another moment ‘I’ am a restless and unhappy being.

“I am in suffering. My mind is hurt. Can you heal me and my mind?”
“Well, if that is true,” with my hand out, “Now, give me what you think is the suffering ‘you’ and give me your wounded mind, and I’ll heal you and your mind.”

There’s no ‘I’ existing that can be hurt, or needs to be healed. The mind is just what it is, it cannot be hurt, and hence, it doesn’t need to be healed. Throw a stone or light a fire into the space, does the space gets hurt or burnt?

“I am suffering” and “My mind is hurt” is just a thinking, thought process, perception of names and forms.

Due to ignorance, there’s attachment and identification towards the thinking or thought process of “I am hurt. I am in suffering. I need to be healed.” and hence, suffering exists.

Let go the thinking of “I am hurt or I am in suffering and I need to be healed”, there’s no suffering.

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