Go beyond hurts and healings

The minds that are still wandering along the path of yoga and haven’t realize what is going on in the mind need to practice forgiveness and letting go, as there is an ego being there thinking and believing that it is hurt by something hurtful, and so, it believes that it needs to be healed from hurt.

The emotional pain or hurts manifested in the form of thinking/feeling/thought process appear to be existing and real to the mind is due to ignorance.

The minds that know what is going on in the mind, that know the truth of ’emotional pain’ and ‘hurts’, don’t need to forgive, or let go, or be healed.

The thinking faculty that is free from ignorance and egoism cannot be hurt by anything. There’s no emotional pain or hurt existing in this mind void of ignorance and egoism. There’s nothing need to be forgiven, to let go, or to be healed.

Be free.

Go beyond the idea of ‘I’

Upon realization of Selflessness/I-lessness and the only existence is the present moment now where there’s neither past nor future, all kinds of disturb, unrest, anxiety, fear, dissatisfaction, disappointment, anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, hurts, regret, guilt, painful sorrow, worry, animosity, offensiveness, defensiveness, unhappiness, pride, arrogance, and all kinds of connection/relationship/duty/responsibility with particular names and forms, vanished or ceased existing. All actions are being performed out of compassion, not out of the sense of duty and responsibility. There’s no need of ‘healing’ or ‘positive thinking’ to be free from ‘hurts’ or ‘negative thinking’.

Without the idea of ‘I’, life is just what it is – Impermanent, selfless, intentionless and desireless. It’s neither ‘good’ nor ‘not good’, transcending time, space and causation, as it doesn’t need to ‘be mould into’ or ‘be acknowledged’ as ‘good life’ or ‘not good life’ based on the existence and non-existence of certain qualities of names and forms that are limited by time, space and causation. It exists only at this present moment, transcending the memories of the past and the imaginations towards the future. It’s undetermined by all kinds of cultural/national/family/community/social/religious/spiritual ‘appropriateness’, ‘practices’, ‘rituals’, ‘achievements’, ‘activities’, ‘mourning’, ‘celebrations’ or ‘festivals’, undetermined by the mind perception of all the different qualities of names and forms, or any kind of thinking/belief/feeling/relationship/appearance/condition/ability/disability/conduct/experience, undetermined by cultural/national/social/racial/religious/political/personal/gender/professional ‘worldly identities’, transcending the sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, goodness, happiness and meaningfulness. Life is free as it is.

Being bound by the idea of ‘I’, life is being limited and conditioned by egoistic intention and desire, being determined by time, space and causation, of the existence and non-existence of certain qualities of names and forms that ‘I’ desire and don’t desire, to be acknowledged as ‘good life’ or ‘not good life’. Life isn’t just what it is, but it’s ‘my life’ and ‘the life that I desire it to be’, and from there, the idea of ‘I’ extends its possessiveness and authority onto the world, “This is ‘my world’ and ‘I’ want ‘my world’ to be the way that I desire it to be.”

Due to ignorance, life is being determined very much by a past and a future that ‘I’ desire or don’t desire. It’s being determined by ‘my’ cultural/national/family/community/social/religious/spiritual ‘appropriateness’, ‘practices’, ‘rituals’, ‘achievements’, ‘activities’, ‘mourning’, ‘celebrations’ or ‘festivals’, being determined by the mind perception of the different qualities of names and forms to feel, think, behave, desire, act and react, being bound by the actions and the fruit/results/consequences of actions, being determined by the different kinds of thinking/belief/feeling/relationship/appearance/condition/ability/disability/conduct/experience and all the cultural/national/social/racial/religious/political/personal/gender/professional ‘worldly identities’ of ‘mine’ or what ‘I’ think is ‘who I am’. The entire life is being juggled around the attainment of the sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, goodness, happiness and meaningfulness.

It’s just the thinking or thought process

The idea of the existence of ‘I’, and everything that ‘I’ think ‘I’ know, or perceive, or experience, or feel, whether ‘I’ think ‘I’ enjoy or suffer, or ‘I’ am good or bad, is just the thinking or thought process. Countless births and deaths of different forms take place ceaselessly along the thought process. At one moment ‘I’ am a calm and happy being, and at another moment ‘I’ am a restless and unhappy being.

“I am in suffering. My mind is hurt. Can you heal me and my mind?”
“Well, if that is true,” with my hand out, “Now, give me what you think is the suffering ‘you’ and give me your wounded mind, and I’ll heal you and your mind.”

There’s no ‘I’ existing that can be hurt, or needs to be healed. The mind is just what it is, it cannot be hurt, and hence, it doesn’t need to be healed. Throw a stone or light a fire into the space, does the space gets hurt or burnt?

“I am suffering” and “My mind is hurt” is just a thinking, thought process, perception of names and forms.

Due to ignorance, there’s attachment and identification towards the thinking or thought process of “I am hurt. I am in suffering. I need to be healed.” and hence, suffering exists.

Let go the thinking of “I am hurt or I am in suffering and I need to be healed”, there’s no suffering.

Healing process is happening constantly even if we don’t have intention to heal anything…

The entire yoga and meditation practice is a purification process, or it has healing effects for physical, mental and emotional defilements, even if we have no intention at all to purify or to heal anything.

Just like each single cell in the physical body is unceasingly going through regeneration process, even if we are not aware of it. It is not in our control that how we want to regenerate this cell or that cell. It is happening naturally by itself.

That’s why we don’t really have to be intentionally to heal this or that, physically, mentally or emotionally, as healing process is happening from moment to moment. As we perform yoga and meditation practice, the energy fields within and without the body will perform its duty to heal anything that need to be healed, naturally. We don’t really need to set any intention, nor to be troubled and worried, nor wishing for some healing process to be happening onto the body and mind.

Just perform all our yoga and meditation practice without expectation that it will bring us any healing effects or benefits in return, but allow the healing process and benefits to happen naturally by itself, as it is. There’s no rush. There’s no expectation that “I want all injuries, pain, illness, weakness, old age and death to go away…”, nor “I don’t want to have any injuries, pain, illness, weakness, old age and death…”.

There’s no craving towards good conditions. There’s no aversion towards bad conditions. There’s no fear and worry towards so called “bad” or “undesirable” conditions, such like illness, weakness, injuries, pain, old age and death, which is actually the truth of all living beings, and it’s a natural process of the body and mind that we can’t avoid.

It is being aware of the reality as it is, not necessary the way that we like or want it to be, and allow the reality to be what it is.

We cannot blame the universal consciousness for all the “bad” happenings and “undesirable” conditions that all beings have to go through. And the universal consciousness has nothing to do with all these things that we don’t like and don’t want, nor will the universal consciousness does something about it, or to change it into something that we prefer it to be. It is our own ignorance, egoism, attachment and desires, and came into being, forming body and mind with the function of the senses, having this life existence to reap the effect caused from our action and reaction. It’s our own responsibility for all that our body and mind experiences in this life existence.

We do our best to try to attain and maintain the best condition of the body and mind as much as possible, by performing some physical exercises, spiritual practice, mental development practice, yoga and meditation practice regularly, and live a healthy lifestyle and observe a balanced diet, engage in wholesome activities, have self-control over our own action and speech or behavior, to benefit all beings, including ourselves. It is not because of having aversion, fear and worry towards old age, illness, injury, pain, weakness and death, or any “bad” conditions.

All the efforts that we spent to purify the mind and to improve the condition of the physical body is simply just to show appreciation towards this body and this mind, or this life existence, to make good use of this body and this mind, or this life existence to serve the universe, for humanity, for ourselves to evolve and to help other beings to evolve, out of compassion, without the intention or expectation that we will be receiving something good in return.

There is no need to have selfish desires and expectation to act as motivation force for us to perform actions or practice that will benefit the body and mind.

Totally surrender to the nature, or the universe, to take care of the result of our practice or our actions, or to heal anything that needs to be healed, and to bring us to ultimate freedom.

This impermanent body and mind is subject to impermanent changes. It is conditioned and limited by old age, illness, weakness, injury, pain, physical and emotional hurts, and death. And thus they need to go through certain healing process from time to time. But our birthless, deathless, attributeless true nature is not being conditioned nor limited by impermanent changes, old age, illness, weakness, injury, pain, hurts, or death. There’s no need to have any healing process, as there is nothing that need to be healed.

And thus, realize our true nature, and stop identifying with the body and mind, let go of egoism and attachment, and be free.

It is also pointless to expect certain healing process to be happening when we attend some yoga and meditation classes, hoping to heal something that is hurtful in our body and mind, if we keep generate tension and inflict hurtful damages into our body and mind, physically, mentally and emotionally in our everyday life experiences with all sorts of impurities like anger, hatred, jealousy, ill will, petty-mindedness, fear and worry, etc, due to ignorance and attachment.

If we really wish for efficient and complete healing, we need to learn how to stop hurting our body and mind, stop generating tension nor inflict hurtful damages into our body and mind, by practicing non-attachment and letting go in everyday life, letting go of our ego, not being disturbed, nor affected, nor influenced, nor determined by all the qualities of names and forms that the mind perceives through the senses, and have love and peace in us. And then, naturally the body and mind will heal itself even without us intentionally to be engaged in any healing process.

The biggest “disease” that every being have from the beginning of this life existence, is IGNORANCE. This is the cause of all the other physical and mental illness. Remove this “disease” of ignorance by immersed our body and mind in consistent yoga and meditation practice without attachment, and surrender everything else to the universe to take care of it.

Om shanti.