Ignorance and how to be free from ignorance

Most minds/people don’t like to be related to ‘ignorance’ or what they understood as ‘being stupid’ or ‘lack of knowledge’. But ‘ignorance’ in the teachings of yoga and Buddhism is not about ‘being stupid’ or ‘lack of knowledge’. As many of those who are not ‘stupid’ at all, who are very smart and intelligent and knowledgeable are not necessarily free from the veil of ignorance.

People would like to think and believe and be acknowledged by oneself and others as somebody who is nothing to do with ‘ignorance’, or ‘I am not ignorant’, which they think and believe that they are smart and intelligent enough, and are highly educated and knowledgeable enough to not be related to ‘ignorance’. They think and believe that only those whom they think and believe are somehow less smart or less intelligent than them, and are less educated or less knowledgeable than them are most probably related to ignorance, where they understood ‘ignorance’ as something to do with ‘bad/negative’ genetic inheritance, improper brain development, influence from bad surrounding environment, lack of knowledge/skill/talent, uneducated or insufficiency of education, incompetency, being lazy or demotivated to learn and acquire knowledge, being stupid, or lack of social interaction and connection, or lack of stimulation, or inability to comprehend something or solve problem, and so on.

‘Ignorance’ in the teachings of yoga and Buddhism is about the mind being ignorant towards or ‘not knowing’ the truth of names and forms/existence/suffering, or ‘not knowing’ Thyself or the misidentification with the mind and the modification of the mind perceiving a worldly life existence of names and forms that is subject to impermanence and selflessness as ‘I’, or ‘not knowing’ who/what is the ‘I’ that the minds identifying/acknowledging as who ‘I’ am, as an individual being possessing certain quality of names and forms that distinguishing oneself from all the others that are not ‘I’, or ‘not knowing’ who/what is the ‘God’ or what are the ‘gods’ that many minds have been believing in and praying to, or ‘not knowing’ the truth of all the social/cultural/spiritual beliefs and practice that have been passing down from generation to generation that influencing how the minds think, act, react, feel, judge, expect, behave and live life in certain way.

Many minds believe in certain beliefs just because it’s propagated by their ancestors, parents, teachers, leaders, favorite famous people, idols, friends, philosophers, or particular social/cultural/spiritual/religious background, and there’s great fear of ‘letting go’ those beliefs and practice, being afraid of ‘sin’, or ‘bad happening’/’punishment’ might happen to them or their life or their loved ones, if they cease believing in/respecting/following/propagating those beliefs and practice to think, behave and live life. And it has to come from the mind itself realizing the truth of all those beliefs and practice. It’s not hard to inquire the truth, but most minds reluctant to inquire the truth of the existing beliefs and practice in their minds or lives, and it’s unthinkable for them to question the truth of their beliefs and practice, as it means that they are ‘disrespecting’/’offending’ those ‘sacred’ beliefs and practice for inquiring into the truth of it, which is ‘sinful’ and ‘punishable’ according to those beliefs and practice.

Being talented/skillful/knowledgeable in certain things or many things doesn’t guarantee that the mind is free from ignorance, where the mind is being disturbed/offended/hurt/disappointed/dissatisfied/angry/frustrated/hating/fearful/intimidated/insulted/humiliated/bullied by names and forms that the mind perceives/recognizes as bad, wrong, negative, unpleasant, undesirable, undeserving, disappointing, frustrating, intimidating or hurtful, and out of these impurities, it might generate actions and speech that might cause further consequences to oneself and/or others.

The minds that are not free from ignorance might be unwittingly ‘following’ a set of ‘rules and regulations of certain social/cultural/religious/spiritual belief and practice’ to live life and behave in certain way, and might be proud of having a specific type of food consumption of what they eat and don’t eat for certain spiritual/cultural/religious/environmental/ethical/health/personal reason, and they could be expecting the others (as human beings) should also be following the similar rules and regulations to live life and behave, as well as following their specific type of food consumption, or else, it will be mocked/criticized by them as ‘bad’ and ‘wrong’, or ‘sinful’ way of life and behavior and food consumption.

The ignorant impure egoistic mind unwittingly perceiving/experiencing a personal reality of a worldly life existence that consists of ‘I’ and everything that ‘I’ perceive/experience/know/acknowledge that the thinking mind refers as ‘this is me and my life experiences’ with all and everything that directly/indirectly relate to ‘I’ and ‘my life’, and perceives/experiences all kinds of duality derived from ignorance and the by-products of ignorance, and generate attachment and desire of craving and aversion towards the perceived reality of duality, not knowing Thyself or the truth of a worldly life existence of names and forms that the mind perceives through the senses, not knowing impermanence and selflessness of the mind perception of a worldly life existence, constantly being disturbed and determined very much by the mind perception of pleasant/unpleasant, agreeable/disagreeable, desirable/undesirable names and forms or life experiences, being restless swaying between satisfaction and dissatisfaction, happiness and unhappiness, pleasurable enjoyment and painful sorrow determined by the gratification and non-gratification of the desire of craving and aversion, ceaselessly.

Transcending this restlessness of ignorance, silencing the mind, annihilating the modification of the mind of restless countless births and deaths nurtured by egoism, desires and impurities, is the ultimate goal of yoga and meditation practice. Any other forms of benefits/effects derived from the regular yoga and meditation practice are just some momentary side-effects of better health/fitness condition and pleasant good feelings that are impermanent.

It’s everyone’s freedom for how/what they think, believe, act, react, feel, behave, live life, consume and desire, or not. There’s nothing wrong if people just want to live a particular lifestyle in accordance to certain belief and practice, and do some yoga exercises to attain better health/fitness condition and pleasant good feelings, even if they are momentary and perishable.

The minds that are ignorant towards ignorance, or thinking and believing that oneself is void of ignorance due to one’s intelligence, talent, skill, education, knowledge, ability or achievement in certain things, would not be interested in yoga practice of dispassion, renunciation, silence, seclusion and solitude for mind purification, self-discipline, self-inquiry and self-realization.

Renunciation is not about abandoning existing worldly duty and responsibility to be in a monastery/forest/cave to be full time monk or nun, but it’s renouncing or letting go worldly social/cultural/spiritual/religious thinking and belief, values and practice, to open the mind to allow the mind to see things as they are, regardless of living among the society or away from the society. If the mind is not opened, then even if living away from the society, but the mind is still very much being conditioned by the worldly thinking and belief, values and practice to perceive, think, analyze and judge towards everything, and couldn’t allow the mind to see things as they are, even after many years of performing yoga and meditation practice, and getting all kinds of momentary effect/benefit from that.

For those who want to know Thyself or inquire the truth of names and forms, who are aware of ignorance, who have intense yearning for liberation from restlessness of the impermanent and selfless modification of the mind, they can practice yoga of mind purification, self-discipline, self-inquiry and self-realization. The journey might appear to be long, hard and unpleasant due to the ‘stubborn’ veil of ignorance, but be determined to keep disciplining, purifying and silencing the restless impure egoistic modification of the mind.


Compassion, the absence of egoism

Compassion is not a feeling or sentiment or quality as what most minds understand what it is. As ‘feeling’, or ‘sentiment’, or ‘quality’ is part of the names and forms that are subject to impermanence. While compassion is not a name and form that is subject to impermanence.

Neither being sympathetic or empathetic or forgiving is what compassion is about. Forgiveness is irrelevant in compassion, as there’s no hurts existing under the presence of compassion. If compassion present in the mind (upon the absence of egoism), this mind won’t be hurt or disturbed or offended by anything. It’s when compassion is absent in the mind due to ignorance and egoism, this mind constantly perceives/feels hurt or disturbed or offended by something that the mind recognizes as bad, wrong, disagreeable, negative and unpleasant. While being sympathetic or empathetic towards certain names and forms that the minds recognized/categorized/perceived as ‘sympathy/empathy deserving’ has nothing to do with compassion, as in compassion, there’s no discrimination of whether something is being sympathy/empathy deserving, or not.

Compassion is the absence of egoism, and vice versa.

Compassion is not something (feeling/sentiment/quality) to be acquired/developed/possessed through learning, training, achieving, sacrificing, or becoming. It’s the nature of all kinds of names and forms (living beings and non-living objects). Without compassion, there’s nothing.

Compassion is what allowing all beings and objects being forming/disintegrating, existing and changing, arising and passing away as they are, allowing nature to be what it is, allowing all the names and forms to change as it is, without grasping, without attachment, without expectation, without desire of craving and aversion, without judgment, without discrimination, without intentional interference to control everything to be in certain way.

What allows the breaths coming and going and eventually stop coming and going, what allows food to be existing and be transformed into energy giving life to all beings, intentionlessly, is compassion.

It’s egoism born out of ignorance that generate the veil that prevent all beings from realizing its nature of compassion, where the minds don’t/couldn’t think, act, react or behave compassionately, or selflessly (absence of the idea of ‘I’ and egoism).

Beings/minds that are under the influence of ignorance and egoism cannot be compassionate even though they would want to be compassionate while thinking and believing that they are ‘compassionate beings’.

Although there might be many people talk about, support and propagate ‘love and compassion’ in the world, but compassion will always be absent under the presence of egoism. Compassion is never about empowering the ego by giving the ego what it wants and don’t give the ego what it doesn’t want to gratify its desires of craving and aversion in order to make the ego feels satisfied and happy or not making the ego feels dissatisfied and unhappy. A lot of time, the ego will react with great dissatisfaction and unhappiness towards what is truly compassionate. For many worldly minded people, non-compassionate actions are often being perceived as ‘something agreeable, good and positive’ while real compassionate actions are often being perceived as ‘something disagreeable, bad and negative’. Such as disciplining the mind is a very unpleasant and painful process for the egoistic impure passionate minds, but it’s great compassion to discipline and purify the mind to free the mind from ignorance, egoism, impurities and restlessness, to be free from the consequences of ignorance.

Without any intention to be compassionate, and without any identification as ‘compassionate beings’, all and everyone is naturally the embodiment of compassion upon the absence of egoism, knowing all and everything is impermanent and selfless. There’s neither craving/clinging towards love/goodness/positiveness/meaningfulness nor aversion towards loveless/badness/negativeness/meaninglessness.

As long as egoism prevail in the thinking mind, where there is attachment/clinging towards love and/or compassion of “Life or the world is bad, wrong and meaningless without love and compassion.” where there’s identification of “I am a loving compassionate being/We are loving compassionate beings.” and there’s desire and expectation of “We all need to cultivate love and compassion. Everyone should be loving and compassionate towards one another.” there will always be impurities of pride, dissatisfaction, disappointment, frustration, anger, hurts, offensiveness, fear and worry over-powering the mind while being disturbed by all the others that appear to be ‘loveless and non-compassionate’, and trying to interfere with all the others to control/change/influence them to become ‘loving and compassionate’ the way that they think and believe how it should be, in order to create a world of love and compassion that the minds desire and expect the world should be like.

Not that having a loving and compassionate community in the world is wrong or bad, but the presence of egoism where there’s an egoistic notion/idea/existence desiring and expecting or demanding the world to be ‘the way that I think and believe how it should be (loving and compassionate)’ is no freedom at all.

There’s absence of egoism of attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, judgment and expectation in compassion, where actions are being performed without the desire or expectation to influence/change/control the world to be something that is not what it is, but allowing the world to evolve as it is, not necessarily the way that ‘the ego’ thinks and believes and desires how it should be.

Yearning for liberation / Longing for freedom / Survival instinct

Longing for freedom or yearning for liberation is a basic instinct that exists in all beings of different names and forms that are subject to impermanence and selflessness. It’s related to survival instinct of to be free from, or to be protected from, or to avoid hunger, thirst, injury, illness, weakness, loneliness, meaninglessness, pain, unpleasantness, sorrow, suffering, aging, decaying, death, the unknown, lacking, ceased existing, extinction or non-existence, as much as possible. Survival instinct gives rise to the desire of grasping/holding onto life and relationships as well as the desire to procreate/reproduce/multiply, which also give rise to fear, worry, dissatisfaction, disappointment, frustration, anger, jealousy, painful sorrow and so on, where the mind is unwittingly restless and peaceless, or ‘not free’, which also leads to the longing for freedom/liberation from restlessness/peacelessness.

All minds (the projector/perceiver of a worldly life existence that is subject to impermanence and selflessness) that are under the influence of ignorance are longing for freedom or liberation (from the ‘undesirable/unwanted experiences’ of a worldly life of uncertainty that the minds perceive/recognize as unpleasantness, bad, wrong, unhappiness, negativity, poverty, difficulty, hardship, failure, ungratified desire, painful suffering, meaninglessness, aloneness, separation from the loved ones, or coming in contact with the hated ones), where most minds acknowledging but not knowing why the sense of ‘being not free’ or ‘being limited/restricted/bound by something’ is always there, either consciously or subconsciously, even when all kinds of worldly desire are being gratified, or everything in life seems to be ‘all good and nothing bad’.

Most minds aren’t interested to ‘know thyself’ or to ‘be free from ignorance’ even though they might be fighting for freedom of thinking, belief, practice, living, way of life, education, movement, rights, action and speech in the world, as either they are ignorant towards ignorance, or they don’t feel the need/importance for that until great suffering/disappointment/painful sorrow arise, while some minds are initiated and be determined to ‘know thyself’, to ‘be free from ignorance’, as they are aware of ignorance and the by-products of ignorance.

Yoga of self-inquiry and self-realization is to free the mind from such ignorance. Ignorance is the root cause of all suffering/doubt/fear/limitation/bondage, and hence, there’s the ‘need’ or ‘longing’ for freedom/liberation, to be free/liberated from ignorance. Ignorance is the source of all kinds of ‘bondage’. Ignorance is not what most people think as ‘lack of knowledge’ or ‘unintelligent’ or ‘lazy/unwilling to learn’. Ignorance exists even in the highly knowledgeable or intelligent or righteous minds/people/beings where the minds are determined and influenced by impurities and egoism of attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, judgment, expectation, agreements/disagreements based on certain cultural/religious teachings, beliefs, values and practice.

The mind that is free from ignorance, is void of ‘bondage’ being free from attachment, or grasping, or longing. It doesn’t need to be free or be liberated from anything, as it is free, as what it is. It’s ignorance that gives rise to attachment/grasping/longing that give rise to all kinds of suffering/disappointment/painful sorrow and the sense of ‘being not free’ (bondage), which give rise to the longing for freedom or the yearning for liberation.

As long as the mind is functioning under the influence of ignorance and perceives/experiences ‘suffering’ due to ignorance, there’s the ‘need’, or ‘urgency’, or ‘importance’ to free or liberate the mind from ignorance, as the mind keeps generating actions that would ‘hurt’ oneself and others, whether wittingly or unwittingly, due to ignorance and the by-product of ignorance. Upon the annihilation of ignorance, there’s neither suffering nor the end of suffering. There’s neither ‘hurts’ nor ‘the need to be healed from hurts’. That’s compassion and freedom.

Those who are interested to free the mind from ignorance can contemplate on this –

Whatever the mind believes or disbelieves, desires or doesn’t desire, agrees or disagrees with, it’s all part of the modification of the mind.

There are all kinds of different culture having their own teachings, beliefs, values and practice, that are different from one another among all the different cultures in the world.

Just like all the different religions also have their own way of teachings, beliefs, values and practice.

It isn’t about which one is true/false or better than the others, and it doesn’t matter whether the mind believes or disbelieves in ‘God existence’ or ‘self-existence’, but it’s about going beyond all kinds of teachings, beliefs, values and practice, to allow the mind to see the truth of ‘the mind perception of a worldly life existence of uncertainty that is subject to impermanence and selflessness’.

All kinds of teachings, beliefs, values and practice have their own purpose serving the many minds of different temperament and characteristic to ‘live life and behave in certain way’ and ‘have certain goal/direction in a worldly life of uncertainty’, that allows most minds to continuously living/existing under certain ‘purpose/meaning’ by constantly striving to perform actions and reaping the fruit of actions, to attain the sense of purpose, well-being, love, accomplishment and satisfaction in personal and universal achievements, that would produce constant improvements/innovations which give rise to the sense of motivation, liveliness and meaningfulness to ‘life existence’. Just like most people need to live life ‘passionately and actively’, continuously, or else, life would appear to be ‘meaningless, empty and lifeless’ for them.

There’s neither good nor bad in all these different kinds of worldly cultural/religious teachings, beliefs, values and practice, just that the minds are not free, being conditioned/limited/bound to think, expect, judge, act and react in certain way. The mind is ‘limited’ or ‘not free’, being bound by the modification of the mind under the influence of ignorance, being bound by all kinds of attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, expectation, judgment, likes and dislikes, agreements and disagreements based on certain cultural/religious teachings, beliefs, values and practice. And there’s great aversion and fear towards ‘going beyond’ or ‘letting go’ all those teachings, beliefs, values and practice.

Whatever being perceived by the mind as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘meaningful’ or ‘meaningless’, ‘belief’ or ‘disbelief’, ‘agreeable’ or ‘disagreeable’, ‘pleasurable enjoyment’ or ‘painful suffering’ and so on, is in the mind, from the mind. Suffering arise and pass away in the mind, from the mind. Countless births and deaths of countless thoughts of different states arise and pass away in the mind, from the mind. And there’s nothing wrong with different minds perceive/judge things differently based on different teachings, beliefs, values and practice, just that it’s not the truth of names and forms. There’s nothing wrong with whether the mind thinks and believes “Be positive. Be optimistic. Everything is good. Nothing is bad.” or “This is positive/good/right/meaningful. That is negative/bad/wrong/meaningless.” or “I have so much love and support from so many people/beings. (My) Life is so good and meaningful.” or “I don’t have any love and support from anyone. (My) Life is so sad and meaningless.” or “Life is wonderful/painful. The world is good/bad.” Just that it’s not the truth.

Do not blind-believing, blind-following, blind-practicing, blind-propagating, blind-agreeing/disagreeing about anything.

Those who know, they don’t need to think positive, or be optimistic, or feel meaningful, or receive love, or fight for freedom, or attain peace. They are free as it is.

Contemplate, reflect, inquire, and realize.

Vairagya and Mumukshutva – dispassion and intense yearning for liberation

Mumukshutva is the intense yearning for liberation transcending the wheel of births and deaths of conditional impermanent and selfless worldly life existence of inevitable physical/mental/emotional restlessness and suffering powered by ignorance and egoism.

It’s the objective or goal of all forms of yoga practice and meditation. Many years of performing yoga practice and meditation without Vairagya and Mumukshutva, but enjoying and indulging in the momentary goodness of yoga and meditation practice and the pleasant fruit of ‘good karma’ deriving from ‘good actions’, is like gathering and keeping accumulated pure and clean food in a ‘bottomless’ and contaminated container.

Vairagya (dispassion) and Mumukshutva are the two sides of a coin. They co-exist together as one. It’s the ‘under current’ that pulls/leads the mind towards liberation.

Ignorance and egoism and worldly passionate desire/love/attachment/clinging is the ‘under current’ that generates/powers the whirlpool of Samsara, where the mind attaching onto/’loving and enjoying’ the wheel of births and deaths of countless worldly transitions of names and forms that is subject to impermanence and selflessness, where the mind gets lost in the boundless desires of craving and aversion, seeking love, pleasure, goodness, righteousness, kindness, comfort, satisfaction, meaningfulness, sense of purpose, conditional freedom and limited good condition in the modification of the mind perception of an impermanent and selfless worldly life existence of names and forms, of worldly physical/mental/emotional/sensual activities/interactions/enjoyments/relationships/community support while unwittingly ‘indulging in’ the momentary physical/mental/emotional/sensual satisfaction and pleasure deriving from the gratification of the passionate desires, ignorantly mistaking egoistic passionate love/attachment/sympathy/empathy/clinging/charity/sacrifice as compassion.

Worldly people, including many yoga practitioners and yoga teachers who think they love yoga very much that they find yoga is something very meaningful and see themselves practicing yoga and teaching yoga to other people as the meaning/purpose of their life existence, would mistake Vairagya and Mumukshutva as a form of ‘negative thinking/behavior’, or ‘depression’, or ‘madness’. That shows how great is the power of ignorance.

“Neither charity, nor sacrifice, nor fame, nor fasting, nor begetting a good son, nor control of breath, nor victory over the enemy, nor the society of friends, nor Siddhis like Anima can stand in comparison with realisation of the Self.

You may cross the sea by walking or float in the air or support on hands the great mountain Maha Meru or drink poison like milk or eat fire like fried grains or fly in the sky or stand on fire or break iron or get wealth by the power of magic ointment. Yet can all these give you liberation?

You can become a king or Indra or a Sannyasin. You can stun others by Mantra-sakti or aim accurately or know the past, present and the future.

You can reduce anger by destroying lust or eradicating greed. Yet can all these help you in the attainment of liberation?

You might have conquered pride, delusion and envy. You might have dwelt in Brahma-loka or Vaikuntha-loka or Kailasa. Yet can all these stand in comparison with liberation? He is fit for liberation who regards all these as nothing.

You took bath in the Ganga, you did all the sixteen kinds of charity. You did crores of Japa. What is the use of all these things if you do not attain Self-realisation?

Can you acquire eternal bliss and supreme peace from the attainment of vast erudition or from possession of immense wealth or from the enjoyment of beautiful young ladies? No. The supreme undying bliss can be obtained only by realisation of the Self.

Who is wife? Who is son? Who are you? Wherefrom did you come? How wonderful is this Samsara? How are you related to one another? Think deeply on these matters.

Who are you? Who am I? Wherefrom have we come? Who is mother? Who is father? Think deeply on all these. Leave off this world which is a dream and seek the eternal.

Vairagya is the rein by which the uncontrollable mind is restrained. Ripe Vairagya is intense attachment to Atman bliss and strong dispassion for anything other than Atman.

If one considers even the position and happiness of Brahma as the dung of a cow, then only he has developed a real lasting Vairagya. Temporary fleeting dispassion is not Vairagya. It will not help the aspirant in the attainment of Self-realisation.

It is common to have dispassion for some particular objects by some cause or other. But by having dispassion for all objects at all times, one will get knowledge of the Self. You may get Atma-Jnana soon by the grace of the Guru, by devotion to him, and by practice of what he instructs.”

– Swami Sivananda

Meaning / Purpose of life existence

Most minds look for the ‘meaning/purpose of life existence’ in certain qualities of names and forms, of worldly affairs, actions, activities, interactions, relationships, achievements, objects, conditions, quality of life, contributions, selfless service, and etc.

“Find something or do something in life that make you feel meaningful that give you the sense of purpose of life existence, so that life wouldn’t be meaningless and purposeless.” That’s what many people think and believe and propagate. People are suffering from ‘meaninglessness’ or ‘loneliness’ because they try to find the ‘meaning/purpose of life’ in the worldly names and forms (conditions/relationships/actions/activities/experiences/achievements) that are limited by impermanence and selflessness, that are perishable.

There’s nothing wrong with the minds finding ‘meaning’ or ‘purpose’ of life existence in certain qualities of names and forms, of worldly affairs, actions, activities, interactions, relationships, achievements, objects, conditions, quality of life, contributions, selfless service, and etc. Especially when there’s no attachment towards all the perishable qualities of names and forms that give the mind the sense of ‘meaning’ or ‘purpose’ of life existence.

Those who practice yoga or Buddhism, they don’t seek the ‘meaning’ or ‘purpose’ of life existence in anything that is subject to impermanence and selflessness, that is perishable. Even ‘life’, or ‘life existence’, or anything that is existing or related to this ‘life existence’, including the physical body and the modification of the mind, all actions and the fruit of actions, and the ‘yoga practice’ and the result of the ‘yoga practice’, regardless of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ qualities and ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ elements, are all subject to impermanence and selflessness.

For those who practice yoga or Buddhism, the very basic inquiry is to look into the physical body and the modification of the mind to see the truth of impermanence and selflessness of the existence and function of the physical body and the mind, that allows the mind to drop off the attachment and identification towards the physical body and the mind perception of names and forms and the related worldly life existence, as the basic foundation that leads the mind towards Self-realization, realizing selflessness/egolessness/’I’-lessness/oneness/namelessness/formlessness/attributelessness.

The physical body needs constant maintenance, to be fed from time to time to be functioning/existing/surviving, while generating/disposing many by-products at the same time, and constantly balancing between physical/mental activities and rest. When it didn’t get fed enough, it will feed on itself (‘eating’ itself), withdrawing energy, liquid, minerals and nutrients from the body itself to feed itself to be continuing functioning/existing/surviving. If the energy supply stopped for more than a certain period of time, when it no longer can function/survive by ‘eating’ itself, the body will stop functioning and decomposing, or ‘death’. There’s nothing good or bad, positive or negative, happiness or unhappiness, meaningfulness or meaninglessness, purposefulness or purposelessness about the birth and death of the physical body (of oneself and others), and all those impermanent changes of growth, decaying, aging, deteriorating and illness/injury/pain/discomfort in between birth and death. It’s the same as the modification of the mind perceiving all the names and forms of a life existence through the senses via the sense organs of the physical body, that rely on Prana/energy/food/oxygen/water/nutrients/minerals supply to be functioning, constantly changing selflessly under the influence of all kinds of inputs/elements/Gunas/cause and effect.

Once the mind goes beyond the attachment and identification towards the selfless and impermanent function/existence of the physical body and the modification of the mind, then all kinds of ‘pleasant/unpleasant’ relationships/experiences/possessions/qualities of names and forms are just being what they are, neither meaningful nor meaningless, neither purposeful nor purposeless. There’s need not finding/having a ‘meaning/purpose of life existence’ in the worldly life and all that exist in it. Though one can ‘cherish’ all the good and happy moments/experiences with all and everyone that one loves and appreciates, but without clinging onto or labeling ‘this and that’ as meaningful or ‘this and that’ as the purpose of (my) life existence. It’s like watching ‘the loved ones’ or ‘the precious ones’ passing away one by one, while being aware of this is the truth of all existence of names and forms that are impermanent and selfless. It’s just whether the mind can make use of ‘this’ and ‘now’, the perception of a worldly life existence in this present moment to transcend ‘itself’, or ‘the thought current of a worldly existence of names and forms/objects of the senses’, or ‘the ignorance towards itself’.

One just makes use the physical body, the thinking mind, the knowledge, the learning, the education, the skills, the talents, the conditions and the opportunities to be doing something for oneself and others. Without the need of the ‘meaning/purpose of life existence’.

Above all, the one that needs to have the ‘meaning/purpose of life existence’ to feel good and meaningful to be existing, is the ego.