Oneness, non-separateness, selflessness, compassion

Oneness, non-separateness, selflessness and compassion are one.

Without the realization of oneness/non-separateness/selflessness, compassion is absent or unavailable in the egoistic thinking mind, even though the egoistic mind wants to practice ‘compassion’ or be ‘compassionate’.

Due to ignorance, the thinking or the idea of ‘I’ that ‘exists’ as a distinctive individual being, generates the sense of ‘separateness’ between ‘I’ and all and everything that are not ‘I’.

There’s an ‘I’ existing and identifying as the performer of actions and the receiver of the fruit of actions.

There also arise many different forms of ‘relationship’, ‘friendship’, or ‘connection’ between ‘I’ and ‘all and everything that are separated/distinct from I’, or between ‘God’ and ‘I’.

And hence, there is the notion of ‘I love you’, or ‘I give you love’, or ‘I receive love from you’, or ‘God loves me’, or ‘I am grateful for god’s blessing towards me’, or ‘I am a kind and compassionate being’, or ‘I am being kind and compassionate to other beings’, or ‘I am sharing peace and loving kindness with all other beings’, or ‘I am connected with all and everything’, or ‘Have love and faith in God and receive blessings/heaven/good karma/merits’, or even ‘Be fearful towards god/punishment/hell/bad karma/sin’.

The mind is not free, even though there’s nothing wrong or bad with all these thinking/belief/ideas/perception in the mind generating the ‘self-existence’ that built on the identification with all these ‘thinking’, ‘belief’, ‘ideas’, ‘qualities’, or ‘actions and the fruit of actions’ as ‘I’.

Upon the realization of oneness, non-separateness, or selflessness/egolessness/’I’lessness, all the separateness vanished.

‘I’ doesn’t exist. There’s no ‘I’ being there to be identifying with any ideas or qualities.

All kinds of mind perception of ‘living beings and non-living beings’, ‘purity and impurity’, ‘superiority and inferiority’, ‘good and bad’, ‘right and wrong’, ‘positive and negative’, ‘meaningfulness and meaninglessness’, ‘happiness and unhappiness’, ‘friends and not friends’, ‘family and not family’, ‘praise and condemn’, ‘gain and loss’, ‘deserving and non-deserving’, and so on, vanished.

Regardless of all the different qualities of names and forms, all and everything are one/non-distinctive, ceaselessly forming and deforming, coming and going, arising and passing away, under the influence of one same nature of impermanence and selflessness.

Just like ‘the space’. Intentionlessly allowing all and everything to be there as they are. It never increase nor decrease and it never change into good or bad, no matter how many knowable and unknowable objects of names and forms forming and deforming, coming and going, arising and passing away endlessly in ‘the space’. ‘The space’ is uncontaminated or undetermined by all the different qualities of names and forms that are impermanent and selfless.

Time doesn’t exist in ‘the space’. ‘The space’ is unconditioned/unlimited by causation, or cause and effect. ‘The space’ is beyond existence and non-existence. There’s no beginning or ending. Timeless. Limitless. Attributelessness. Ageless. Changeless.

All the objects of names and forms that are momentarily existing in this present moment in ‘the space’, whether gross or subtle, regardless of knowable or unknowable, all are conditioned and limited by existence and non-existence, beginning and ending, forming and deforming, arising and passing away.

It’s the impermanent changes of names and forms that generate the notion/false impression of time. There is no past nor future in timelessness. Time, past and future exist in the thinking mind deriving from perceiving/experiencing all the impermanent changes. It’s a false impression existing in the thinking mind due to ignorance, and its by-product of egoism that generates attachment towards the impermanent and selfless physical body and modification of the mind, also gives rise to the idea of an existence of ‘I’ which lead to the sense of separateness of ‘I’ and ‘all the others that are not I’.

All kinds of fear, affliction, suffering, misery, hurts, sorrow, grief, disturbs, unrest, loneliness, meaninglessness, incompleteness, clinging, longing, dissatisfaction, disappointment, anger, hatred, jealousy, ill-will, ill-thinking, protectiveness, self-esteem, pride, animosity, hostility, and so on, arise/exist due to the sense of separateness, the by-product of ignorance and egoism as part of the modification of the mind. And thus, all the different kinds of yoga and meditation practice are mainly to annihilate the modification of the mind – Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha. All the other physical and mental health and fitness benefits deriving from performing regular yoga practice are just some side-effects.

Though there’s nothing wrong if the yoga practitioners are not working on annihilating the modification of an egoistic thinking mind, and merely focusing on the attainment of physical and mental health and fitness benefits of the yoga and meditation practice, but there’s no freedom, being bound by the false impression of an existence of ‘I’ and ‘all that I experience’, even though the body and mind might be receiving and enjoying all the momentary physical and mental health and fitness benefits from the regular yoga and meditation practice for a prolonged period of time, that are also subject to impermanence.

If the mind doesn’t realize this, then even when everything is good now, and the mind is happy and contented with all the goodness that is present in this moment, but yet, this happy feeling and contentment will also pass away, if there’s attachment onto all the goodness to feel good, happy, blessed, assured, confident and meaningful, as all the goodness will also pass away.

No matter how strong the mind believes in positive thinking and optimism, all ‘beloved parents’ will pass away. ‘Relatives and friends’ will pass away. ‘Family, siblings, cousins, spouse, children’ will pass away. ‘Good people and bad people’ will pass away. ‘Happy and unhappy feelings’ will pass away. ‘Wise and ignorant beings’ will pass away. ‘Living beings and non-living beings’ will pass away. ‘Saints and sages and all kinds of hero’ will pass away. ‘Great minds and mad minds’ will pass away. All and everything will pass away, except ‘the space’, is still what it is.

‘The space’, or nameless/formless/attributeless/timeless/ageless/changeless/birthless/deathless infinity, is ‘the silent witness’ of all the impermanent changes, without ‘egoism’ of performing actions/receiving the fruit of actions, interference, judgment, comparison, discrimination, or expectation. Intentionless. Selfless. Egoless. ‘I’less.

“You are left alone now.” – Swami Sivananda


Self-realization is knowing our true nature as it is, without being contaminated nor conditioned by all the qualities of names and forms…

There are contradictions or confusions about whether there is “something” to be realized or there is nothing to be “realized” in the spiritual path towards self-realization…

There is, and there’s not…

When “we” are deluded by ignorance in our mind and are identifying with the impermanent qualities of names and forms of this body and this mind, then “we” need to “realize” who “we” really are…

When the mind is free from ignorance, and “we” are not being determined by all the qualities of names and forms of this body and this mind, then there is nothing to be “realized”… We are what we are… We are not something else that we are not… We are not becoming, or turning, or changing into something else that we are not…

The space is always the same space, colourless… Whether there are some colourful substances spread into the space and make the space appears to be colourful, or when all the colourful substances are abstracted and what left is just the colourless space… But it is still the same space… Never increase nor decrease… Never became colourful nor colourless… It never changed, even though from the appearance it changes colour depending on what type of colours fills up the space at that moment…

The space is always the same space, odourless… Whether there are different fragrances or smells exist in the space, and through the sense of smell we smell different types of fragrances or smells in the space, but the space itself has no fragrances or smells, it does not smell of any fragrances or smells… It will not be contaminated, nor conditioned, nor changed into something else by whatever types of odour that passing by…

The only “hindrance” that “hinders” us from knowing our true nature is ignorance…

When ignorance presents in the mind, “we” think “we” are the mind, “we” think “we” are the body… “We” think “we” are the one who is doing the thinking, feeling, sensing, recognizing, analyzing, asserting, choosing, deciding, like and dislike, want and don’t want, believing and disbelieving, agreeing and disagreeing, happy and suffering… “We” think “we” are the one who is the doer of the actions and inactions that comes from the body and the mind… “We” think “we” are the one who is enjoying the fruit of all the actions and inactions… We are ignorant of our true nature which is not contaminated nor determined by all the actions and inactions of this body and this mind…

When the mind is absent of ignorance, all the qualities of names and forms including the impermanent conditions of this body and this mind, they are just being what they are… They are not something “good”. They are not something “bad”… They are not something “positive”. They are not something “negative”… They are not something “happy”. They are not something “suffering”…

And thus, if “someone” who is still being conditioned and affected by all the qualities of names and forms that are being perceived in the mind through the body and the function of the senses, and is identifying with the actions and inactions of the body and the mind, and is associating with all the reactions of the body and mind towards what they perceive or come in contact with, and is experiencing happiness and unhappiness in all these experiences that arising and passing away from moment to moment, then this being needs to “realize” his or her true nature, of who he or she really is… And be free. Free from restlessness that derives from being ignorant of not knowing who we really are… That’s all.

Om shanti.